Sunday, September 23, 2007

Grasping Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Man, it was tough rooting for the Browns and the Hogs this weekend.

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Matthew said...

Did they both lose?

If so, I'm sorry that the Browns lost but am happy to hear that Nutt has failed again (the hour of his departure is surely nigh if he keeps this up).

If a coach is effective and competent, I say the sky is the limit as to what he should be compensated. This is not my approach to losers, though.

It is DEEPLY irksome to me that Nutt gets paid as much as he does to be such an abject failure. I can assure you that I could lead the Razorbacks to gruesome losses as effectively as he does, but I would be happy to do it on 25% of his salary (Hell, I probably wouldn't snarl my nose up at 10%).

It's time for Arkansas to get a winner (or at least less of a loser).