Monday, September 17, 2007

I Am a Proud Parent of Terrific Kids

Today at school, the Kiwanis Club gave out character awards to students at Harp Elementary. Two students from each class were chosen by the teachers. BOTH Mattie and Calvin got the award! I am their proud parent, but I am not going to put the bumper stickers on the car.


Matthew said...


Why don't you want to put the bumper stickers on your car? Afraid you'll wind up covering the bumper at some point? ;-)

Hannah said...

Give in, you know you want to.

In the Den said...

I've always felt kind of funny about those bumper stickers. I brought home one that said, "I'm a proud parent of an honor roll student." My sister didn't get one.

I don't think she ever got over it.

Hey Kool Aid said...

That's cool.. Congrats!!