Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Golden Compass

My sister wrote a piece about The Golden Compass, a different perspective from many emails that have been forwarded around. It's up on the Vintage website. Check it out.


Matthew said...

It strikes me as a very reasonable, cool headed article.

I worry about this tendency in our society for people to get so worked up about a differing opinion or perspective: "oh my gosh--somebody has a view that contradicts my own. It's time to pass out the shotguns and circle the wagons." Perish forbid a person from challenging the consensus or having reasonable, even-toned debate with somebody from the "other side."

I'm as bad about this as most (and substantially worse than many), but people really need to get over themselves and stop reducing everything into Manichean terms as "our side which is a Heaven sent bastion of all things good and logical" and the "degenerate, unreasonable, filth-encrusted, baby eating bunch of Nazis who oppose us." Civilized discourse never killed anything that didn't already need to die anyway. ;-)

H said...

This write-up made me really revisit an idea I had already been questioning. When Christians make their statements by being snobby, judgemental and ignorant, nothing is accomplished except to further the opinions of those who believe the worst about Christians as a whole. I appreciate the well-worded heads up.

Josh Powers said...

Thanks Robb this is helpful - your sister expressed what I want to communicate better than I myself could. I will be referring the faith baptist students I live with to this article (I'm not confident it will make much of a dent with them however).

Hey Kool Aid said...

Light one up for me..