Sunday, November 18, 2007


My Ford Focus, still the best free car I've ever had, has an odd sticker on the front passenger window. It says, "PZEV: Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle." Huh? If it is a partial zero emissions, how can it be zero emissions at all? Very strange.

Here is the wiki entry about it. Only something bureaucrats could come up with.

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Matthew said...

Indeed. Nothing like a little bureaucratically derived doublethink (the ability to hold two contraditory concepts in one's mind while simultaneously accepting them both as true, for those of you not up on your Orwellian) to cross your eyes and elevate the old blood pressure. ;-)

I don't understand how a car could ever be zero emissions either. I remember reading an article one time that suggested that even a car running entirely off of a battery or fuel cell would cause ozone production due to the generation of an electromagnetic field strong enough to produce enough torque in the motor to properly move and accelerate the car.

Of course, ozone produced at ground level is considered a harmful pollutant...