Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We're Closing in on 50,000

I know the Grenz has lost some steam in recent months, but it's still cool to think that we're almost to 50,000 hits. A nice milestone.


Matthew said...

Congratulations, Robb! It's good to be popular...although you still have to put up with trolls and babbling goofballs such as myself.

Have you considered making it where only "friends" can comment (or placing some limitations of some sort on the commentary)? I'd miss being able to ramble on, but it might save on your blood pressure not having to put up with some of those more unpleasant and/or passive-aggressive (or even aggressive-aggressive) postings? Nobody could blame you if you did.

In any case, I for one would to express my admiration for keeping this blog, and I would like to thank you for putting up with my commentary.

Looking forward to 100,000 hits.

Robb said...

Thanks, Matthew.

I like your commentary and thoughts.

And the others ... well, I find them somewhat amusing and instructive.

klasieprof said...

Site Meter 49996 right now...Friday at 8:00 am

klasieprof said...

WHOO HOOOOOOO 50,000!!!!!!

onward and UPWARD!!!!

is there a tee shirt or something???

Matthew said...

That's right, Robb. You should give us a "Jesus in '08" T-shirt, coffee mug, bumper stickers, or something (if you came up with that phrase, you need to enforce your copyright or something).

Popeye (FFA) said...


I enjoy the insights, honest struggles and success that you share.