Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Jesus 08 Campaign

A few weeks ago, while preaching at Vintage, I had an idea come to me - Jesus 08.

Could Christians change American politics, not by who they voted for, but by how they acted, reacted, and spoke? Could grace and truth change the world?

As I have thought about these questions, I have decided to take a pledge to live Jesus' values, not just vote them. (This is what led me to remove a rather sarcastic article by Frank Schaeffer about Mike Huckabee from the Grenz.)

And I am asking you to take this pledge with me.

You can do it at the Jesus 08 Campaign website.

Further - and this might be the coolest part of all - an article, Jesus on the Campaign Trail describing the vision of the Jesus 08 Campaign is now published on the Relevant Magazine website. Check it out.


akr said...

happy late birthday...i just remembered ours weren't that far apart!

akr said...

oh...and congrats on the article...very challanging!

Matthew said...

Seriously, Robb, we need bumper stickers (possibly coffee mugs, too--I'm sure your entire pledge would fit on a coffe mug).

It's a sticky pledge, though. Villifying and plotting the destruction of the opposition is one of the few things I look forward to in an election. But then my political/philosophical leanings put me at odds with practically everyone to some degree or another. Since this makes me horribly outnumbered and since there's only a hair's difference between most of the candidates anyway (particularly those likely to win), it probably would be in my best interest to swear off the viturperation. It might help to bring the old blood pressure down as well.

I'll think about it.