Friday, January 18, 2008

When I Grow Up

I want to be like Robert Cupp.

Cupp is the founding / lead pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Lowell, AR. Fellowship, for those who might not know, is one of the megachurches in Vintage's backyard.

I had lunch with Cupp today to talk about some things, including ministering here in NWA. He was genuinely interested in me and Vintage. We talked everything from politics to theology, fundamentalism to emerging churches.

I walked away shaking my head in thankfulness for such a humble, gracious, successful leader. The church is lucky to have Robert Cupp!


Matthew said...

Bumper stickers, dang it!

H said...

I totaly agree, Robert Cupp is one of the most genuinly good and godly people I know. He has managed not to let Megachurch Mania go to his head, or his heart.

klasieprof said...

you ARE grown up, and you ARE like him.
who you tryin to kid?