Friday, February 01, 2008

Who Are the Oceanic 6?

I am guessing:

Ben (now dead)

I feel least confident about Juliette. My alternate for her would be Sun. What do you think?


ness said...

definitely Sun, but not Sawyer. The "he" Kate refers to as wondering where she is refers to her parole officer. She is on house arrest and slips her tether. Sawyer stays back on the island and runs things there.

A said...

Ok, of course we know that Jake, Freckles, and Hurley made it off the island.

Now, the guy who died and no one went to his funeral could be Ben, but it also could be Locke. I'm betting they find a way to get Locke off the island.

I doubt Sawyer makes it, that just ends up too neat and tidy for he and Freckles.

Juliette wants off the island really bad, but I've got a gut feel she ends up dead before stepping foot off that tropical soil.

If Sun makes it, wouldn't she make it with baby, and wouldn't that take two out of the 6 spots? And wouldn't Jin be along for the ride?

I bet somehow Claire and Aaron make it.

Lastly, my money is on Desmond to be one of the six, so he can be reunited with Penny.

A said...

Jack, not Jake. Duh.

Robb said...

Thought about Desmond for my list. But how could he be one of the "Oceanic 6" when he was in that race around the world? It seems to me that it would be easier for Ben to fake being on the plane than Des, brother.

It being Locke's funeral makes sense.

A said...

Doesn't the fact that only 6 of them make it off the island and that apparently they claim to be the only survivors mean that the entire thing is a sham and under false pretenses? I figure it doesn't matter how they got there, as in Desmond's case, brother, it just matters that they get "rescued" from the island, and it will be assumed they were on O-815.