Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I don't think anyone should be able to advertise an "exclusive" interview with IL Governor Blagojevich as I've heard several times over the last two days and just saw on This is, of course, unless "exclusive" now means "on everyone else's show too."


Anonymous said...

For real! I saw him on TV the other day and he was complaining about them not letting him bring in witnesses. When asked why he just didn't bring in and affidavit.. he replied, "because I need them to be there in person." It seemed really thought out (not).
He also rambled on something about OJ Simpson was able to have witnesses... and he wanted Oprah to take Obama's seat. This man is a loon!

Anonymous said...

OH! And P.S.

I think you should SO show up with his hairstyle to church.

Anonymous said...

LOL, so very true, I've had the same thoughts!

klasieprof said...

Ok sheesh. Write something would think you've been out of town or something! HELLOOOOO IS YU ALIVE OR DEADE?

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lin said...