Monday, December 27, 2010

The Grenz Is Back

More than a year ago, I decided to move the Grenz over to my personal website and use iWeb to update it. This was a great idea in theory. I wasn't blogging very much anymore anyway, and I was going to focus on writing less frequently and more substantively. But I didn't.

As it turns out, being that iWeb is an offline program, I had to be very intentional about blogging. And it felt like I was blogging in a vacuum.

I missed the Grenz.

So, I decided to bring the Grenz back, here on Blogger, where it was born. It's had a bit of a facelift, and I'm planning on using it like I always did - linking articles, pictures, snide remarks that are too long for Twitter, and occasional thoughtful commentary. I'm excited about this ... and looking forward to being a blogger again.

Here's hoping I've still got a few readers.


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