Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Triumphal Return to Fantasy Football

When we moved to Arkansas, I was busy. Working two jobs, trying to launch a church, trying to be decent dad and an adequate husband. I knew something had to give. I couldn't do it all. So I gave up fantasy football. Leagues that I had been in for years died. And my Sunday afternoons were profoundly changed.

In a return to normalcy, this year, I decided to make my triumphal return to fantasy football. We set up a league with friends from church and work. Calvin and I managed a team together so he could learn the ropes and be ready to have his own team next season.

We rode the Peytons, Manning and Hillis, all the way to the Championship Game. Where they let us down. Last night, we lost the championship by 8 points.

So much for my triumphal return to fantasy football.


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Sara said...

I love the picture of jesus playing football...awesome!