Monday, April 09, 2012

Now What?

Lent 2012 was a wonderful experience.

At Vintage, we spent time thinking about how we are free in the Spirit. The things that have mastered us in the past don't have to master us now. We can reimagine our lives. We can break out of our rut and live differently. Lent gives us a 40-day opportunity to experiment with this freedom.

For me personally, I gave up alcohol during the 40 days of Lent. I joked that every couple of years I need to remind myself that I am not an alcoholic. But it is actually really important to remember that even the good things can easily become a master. I want to have no master but Jesus.

Sometimes Lent is dark, but not this year. This year it was an energizing time for me. It was kind of fun.

And so was Easter. I love Easter. I love my annual Cadbury Egg. I love the annual kids' sermon at Vintage, even though I joke that I don't. I love how loud the band is on Easter Sunday. I love hanging with my friends and celebrating life together.

So this morning, I am wondering "now what?" Lent was such an intentional time full of conscious thought about the choices I was making. I couldn't coast through Lent, and I didn't. And I don't want to go back to coasting through my life. However, I also don't want to immediately enter into another prolonged spiritual experiment. My soul needs some downtime.

What do I do now that Easter is over? I think Jesus provides the answer - I live. Easter is about life, how great life is, how life is what God intended for us. And so the best thing I can do now is be fully alive. I need to live.

I love my wife.
I laugh with my kids.
I have lunch with my friends.
I get my work done with as much excellence as I can.
I write.
I watch the sunset and my favorite TV shows.
I spend some time with my neighbors.
I attempt to spread grace and justice.
I am alive.


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