Sunday, March 06, 2005

Browns' Free Agency So Far

So far ... here are my thoughts on the Browns' offseason:

1) Offensive Line - I am absolutely thrilled that the Browns landed Andruzzi. He brings a quality, veteran presence to the line. If they can also wrap up Cosey Coleman, I will be ecstatic.

2) QB - I am not sorry to see Kelly Holcomb go. I am surprised he signed with the Bills, but I think this - in the long run - allows the Browns to make a clean break from the past. I wanted a veteran QB who is reliable. Kelly is not that. So ... they sign Trent Dilfer. I have made a lot of fun of Dilfer in the past, but I am generally happy that he is now with the Browns. He is a strong character guy who will be more team-oriented than anything else. I might have wanted Brad Johnson a little more, but I am not unhappy about Dilfer. It looks to me like the Browns will be going QB in the first round of the draft.

3) Cornerbacks - The defensive secondary is so important in today's NFL. I am sorry to see Anthony Henry go, but Gary Baxter is an upgrade. Besides, poaching Baxter from the Ratbirds makes his signing doubly sweet.

4) Kicking Game - It seems silly, but the Browns signing Richardson as their new punter is very important. Last season, the Browns got killed in field position. Anyone remember the 7 yard punt against the Ravens? Richardson will be able to put the ball down the field - very important.

5) Defensive Line - The conversion to a 3-4 defense continues. Trading Gerard Warren was a good move. Hopefully Courtney Brown can convert to linebacker. I trust Romeo Crennel.

Muted excitement right now about the Browns. More to come as more happens.

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