Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hey, Tim LaHaye and Rob McCoy ...

You don't speak for me.

From the article:

"McCain and Romney would be like oil and water," said evangelical novelist Tim LaHaye, who supported Mr. Huckabee. "We aren't against Mormonism, but Romney is not a thoroughgoing evangelical and his flip-flopping on issues is understandable in a liberal state like Massachusetts, but our people won't understand that."

Really? His policy changes are understandable, but "our people won't understand that"???? How stupid are your people, Tim?

The Rev. Rob McCoy, pastor of Calvary Chapel in Thousand Oaks, Calif., who speaks at evangelical events across the country, told The Washington Times, "I will vote for McCain unless he does one thing. You know what that is? If he puts Romney on the ticket as veep. "It will alienate the entire evangelical community - 62 million self-professing evangelicals in this country, half of them registered to vote, are going to be deeply saddened," Mr. McCoy added.

Really? You know what 62 million people are thinking, Rob?




Anonymous said...

I thought I would leave a post since no one else has. Don't be sad nobody cares what you have to say - it's not you it's just your opinions that people don't like.

be blessed mr milktoast

Robb said...


Jamal said...

I'll take you and your opinions, Robb.

A said...

They don't speak for me either.
Nor does mr milktoast.

Matthew said...

For what it's worth, Robb, I think you're doing a good thing here. If people aren't commenting as much it's probably because 1) it just seems like it's been a long, worriesome, busy summer for most people, and 2) Anonymous and I probably scared them off.

Also, assuming that Anonymous wasn't assigning a designation for him/herself at the end of his/her post (if so, it's about time), I certainly don't think you're a milktoast. Agree with your or disagree with you, I can't imagine how anybody could think that you're lukewarm regarding anything.

As for Mitch Romney, I can't say that I would be particularly thrilled with him as a vice-president, but I would certainly prefer him to Huckabee (I deeply hated some of Huckabee's policies, stated or otherwise).

Robb said...

Matthew, in all fairness to THE anonymous, I don't think this anonymous is him. Why? Because there is no Michael Savage reference. And because I think this a is Rob McCoy loyalist who doesn't like that I insinuated that his fearless leader sounds like a doofus when he claims to know what 62 million people are thinking and feeling.

Anonymous said...

ba hahahah!

What. You don't even know... Rob McCoy IS a mind reader... that is how he knows what we are thinking... and furthermore- you might want to be careful- if he uses his super psychic energy to tap into what you are saying about him... there might be trouble.

Matthew said...

Ugh...another cup doth runneth over. If they're going to be weiners and go trolling without giving their names, you'd think they'd at least give us a pseudonym so we could tell them apart.


I can't say that I know anything about this McCoy fellow other than what you posted, but he certainly does sound like he's more than a mite presumptuous. Still, I somehow doubt this will be the most ridiculous statement made by by some pretentious narcissist in the media this election season. Things are just getting wound up, and we've got a loooong way to go.

I'm all set, though. I ordered my "Why settle for the Lesser Evil" T-shirt and my election pin last night. I've also been practicing rolling my eyes and looking disgusted (in case you never noticed, I have a paucity of facial expressions and have to practice new ones). Let the games begin! Whoo-hoo!!!

Anonymous said...