Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Horray for America! (But Not for Arkansas!)

I voted for John McCain yesterday, but he never really was my candidate. It took me a long time to decide to vote for him. And I'm not devastated that he lost. It has been interesting to hear the commentary about his concession speech. Some people today at work were talking about how terrible it was that President-elect Obama got booed at McCain's rally last night. Have they never watched an election concession speech before? And it's been amusing listening to all the media types say that if McCain had campaigned like he spoke last night, he might have had a better chance. I remember them saying that about Senator Kerry and Vice President Gore and Senator Dole ... doesn't anyone in the media have something original to say?

I didn't vote for him, but I'm not sad that Barack Obama won. In fact, I think it's pretty wonderful for our country. I remember that when I was a young teenager first getting interested in politics, it seemed like people were always talking about whether we would elect an African-American or a woman as president. I always thought we would, and the whole discussion seemed silly to me. I'm thrilled to see us do it.

On Friday I asked an African-American friend of mine - with a mischievous twinkle in my eye - if he was going to riot in the streets if Obama lost. He laughed and launched into a tirade about Senator McCain that made me laugh. Today, I asked him if he was giddy. He was. Then he looked around, leaned in, and said, "Robb, you're probably the only person I could say this to. I'm really happy Obama won, but I'm a little bit nervous he might be the antiChrist." We both laughed again.

I've got a lot of differences with President-elect Obama, and ultimately I didn't vote for him because of those issues. However, I don't know how he will govern. I hope it is from the center, but only time will tell. For right now, I'm really happy for his supporters, and I wish him the best. I'll be praying for him!


I'm less excited about the wins of Democrats in the House and Senate. I'm one of those people who likes gridlock. I like it better when the government can't get anything done. It keeps them from messing things up. With that in mind, the prospect of Al Franken going to the Senate turns my stomach. I really hope Norm Coleman can hold on during the recount!


From what I can find online, it looks like my friend Brandy lost her race for city clerk by 23 votes. That sucks. If I lived in her city, I would have voted for her and tried to find 23 friends to join me! I hope she keeps at it!


I am most disappointed this election cycle with one of the things the people of Arkansas have done. Yesterday, our state approved a measure that would deny unmarried cohabiting adults the opportunity to be foster and adoptive parents. This measure was aimed at keeping gay and lesbian couples from bringing children into their homes. As I've posted before, I think it is horrible. It seems to me when we put our ideology ahead of meeting real needs, we make a tragic mistake.

Which is worse - a gay couple adopting a child and raising him or her in their home or that child bouncing from foster home to foster home and group home to group home without anyone to provide consistent and life-long support, encouragement, and love? I think what we have done to children in Arkansas is unjust and unfair!

I would have liked to stand at the polling place yesterday handing out foster parent applications to all the people who voted for this measure. Until their willing to open their homes to the 18,000 foster kids in Arkansas, I don't think they've got much credibility to judge those who are willing to.



ness said...

I'm with ya, baby!

Sara said...

Ultimately, i look at the cause of why there are even things called Foster homes, and I see sin. I see immoral, unsaved people, living unsaved lives, and causing a lot of damage.

Then i think if the church did more to help bring those families to Jesus than we wouldn't have to look to altenative ways of meeting the needs of foster children.

But alas, we do not live in a perfect world where Jesus reigns on earth. He does not yet reign on earth and until he does these astrocities won't end and won't ever be fully fixed.

While it would be great if every Christian could live up to their potential to do great things for the kingdom, the truth is every christian still battles there sinful nature on a daily bases. And whether we like it or not it holds us all back from doing more.

To be fully honest and at risk of sounding unloving or ultra-conservative. I would be afraid that passing such measures would only encourage people with same sex inclinations to pursue it more. Because if they can have the same blessings heterosexual couples can have, why would they want to change. Especially if the only people telling them that there thought process is wrong are those that society considers to be untolerable foolish people anyways?

I'd also be afraid of what was being taught to children. I'm mean is it okay to have two mommy's or two daddy's if they love you and therefore it's okay if you decide that you want to be homosexual?

I just think God planned on having certain reprecussions for any sin, not just homosexuality, but any sin, and if we begin to take those away what will deter people from doing them?

I just dont' think that trying to solve immorality with immorality is going to produce morality?

I know this is a touchy subject and i'm not trying to be argumenative nor am i coming from an ultra conservative background, because i don't. I'm really just asking questions and these arejust what i think of. And maybe it isn't my place as a christian to try to regulate morality but can i not encourage it?

Aaron said...

I have to say I'm pretty devastated about Obama winning. I think it is great that America elected an African American. But I wish it had not been him. I disagree strongly with his stance on many things, and I fear greatly where our country will end up with him as our leader.

But, on Sunday, January 22, 2006 I posted the following on my now defunct blog:

"Again, not saying its what I want, just saying early that I think he will likely be President Obama at some point. When it happens, I'll have proof that I called it."

Wishing I hadn't been right about this one. Only time will tell.

Kevin said...

The statistics show, though, that children who grow up in a home with two parents (mom and dad), who are married have much more stability in their lives. Why would we want to lower that standard, just so kids could have a home? Why would we push for a law that lowers God's standards for morality, saved or unsaved does not matter. Marriage is to be honored by all.

Candice Houston said...

Sometimes I just want to hug you, Bobb. What an irresponsible vote for the children of Arkansas. Well, welcome to the south you rational Northeners!
I have gay friends who raised a child, that one mother had because she was raped by a man who was teaching her a "lesson". (He was going to "straighten" her out. She could have chosen abortion, but instead, she and her partner raised this girl. They walked her down the aisle a few years ago, she is both heterosexual and a Christian, and these women have accepted with their whole hearts in-laws who barely tolerate them. Should her daughter have been raised in foster care because she is gay? I have a different view about homosexuality being a sin, but even if you think it is, tell me, are YOUR kids going to be raised in a house without sinners? Cause try as I might, my kids still are. There are some God loving gays out there, and you can't just cut them out. I would rather err on the side of love and kids.