Saturday, November 08, 2008

This Makes Me Nervous!

President-elect Obama had a press conference yesterday in which he insulted Nancy Reagan and talked about the economy. Flanking him was his team of economic advisers. Notice who is immediately to his right ... Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. Seriously? Jennifer Granholm is so important of an economic advisor that she needs to appear with you at your first major press conference?

Is the economy of Michigan the model for the country? That scares me more than a little bit. Every time in the past three years that I've tried to refinance my house in Michigan, I've been told by national mortgage companies that there are three states they refuse to refinance in - California, Florida ... and Michigan. Is this the kind of help the new President is going to get in solving the housing crisis?

When I pastored in Michigan, people lived in constant fear of their economic situation. There simply were not enough good jobs to sustain families. In our church alone, we had 4 grown adults who worked at fast food places simply because there were no other options. Is this the kind of job creation we can expect for the country with Jennifer Granholm advising the new President?

Michigan has been in an economic recession for 30 months now. Jennifer Granholm's solution? Raise taxes. It hasn't worked. Business have fled the state. How's the automotive industry in Detroit doing under her leadership? We're talking about bailing them out too. Jennifer Granholm has been completely and utterly unable to make a positive difference in the economy in Michigan. And now she's being called upon to help fix the country's economy?

It is a good thing she was born in Canada or else she would probably be Vice President right now.



Sara said...

Yeah, that's a little scary.

klasieprof said...

YOU STOLE my Post...picture and ALL!! My friend called to tell me about Granholm standing next to Obama...and it SCARED th crap out of me!!
Oh yah..Lets HOPE she DOESN'T do for the country what is happening in Michigan. I mean SERIOUSLY!!
Not just the no jobs thing....Retirees from GM are scared they will lose EVERYTHING after working all of their lives...if GM ..ok WHEN they go bust it is NOT going to be pretty.
I work hard, I have great ability to make money than just about anyone I know...and I CAN't get a good job? One with benefits? One that makes it actually worth while to leave the house? Something is drastically wrong..and it begins and ends with Jennifer.
RUN America RUN....the "green" economy was not HER idea anyway!! RUN RUN RUN...See Michganders run!! Besides THAT..SHE has insurance...why doesn't she remove that NASTY ass mole from her face???

Andrew said...

Why do you think she takes those jaunts to Germany, Japan, and now Israel/Jordan? It's hard to make it in Washington without getting your passport stamped a few times. (Just ask Gov. Palin.)

Granholm is term limited, and Democrats already fill both of Michigan's Senate seats, so the question isn't if (yes), or when (within the next 2 years), but rather, what will she be doing in Washington?

And if the idea of Gov. Granholm giving economic advice makes you nervous, how do you like the possibility of her appointment as a federal judge?

Matthew said...

The U.S voters spoke, and Obama seems to be what they wanted, and they...or rather we...deserve everything he brings to the table.

It is time to gird up our loins and embrace the suckiness.

Who knows? Maybe it won't be so bad. It's not like the last year or so has been like traipsing through a field of daisies anyway.

And if he manages to ruin everything somehow (which really isn't all that likely what with him only being a president and not God or anything), it's not like some of us won't be able to tell the other, "I told you so." Hell, I'm almost looking forward to it--it's actually something of a win-win situation for me.

I so have a "Jonah complex" thing going on.

jdub said...

I don't like her - she took money for college away from me....

But Barak said that she was there because of her pre-political experience with the automakers. She is a governor in an economically deprived state - but she does have a good track record working with and for the automakers. I'm pretty sure that's what brought her to the state.

So I guess it makes sense that she is there. Frankly I wouldn't have been surprised if a Michigan currently had a republican governor that he wouldn't call on him/her for input in this area.

(keepin' my fingers crossed that Granholm becomes the new ambassador to Canada!...)